What is map handicap? CSGO Betting

map handicap csgo

Following our guide on round handicap, we’re throwing out one for map handicap csgo, as this is also one of the most rising betting markets for esport.

Ever wanted to play a bit more safe, or if one team will destroy the other 2-0 in a best of three? Well, with map handicap you can take advantage of that and win even more.

Map handicap follows the same structure as round handicap, where you either bet in + or in -. It’s as simple as in adding a map, or removing.

The most common played map handicap market is -1.5. Let’s again take Astralis vs Team Liquid as example.

If you as a bettor place the bet, -1.5 map handicap on Astralis in a best of three versus Team Liquid, your bet will win if Astralis beats Team Liquid 2-0 in maps, however it works the other way around with +1.5.

2 – 1.5 = 0.5 = Astralis 0.5 – 0 Team Liquid = Astralis WIN
1 – 1.5 = 0.0 = Astralis 0 – 1 Team Liquid = Team Liquid WIN

and it can also be determined as follows:

(-1.5) = The team starts with -1.5 maps
(+1.5) = the team starts with +1.5 maps

Just take the final score, and either add or substract the handicap number. If it’s minus or plus. This market can be utilized to take advantage of a team with high win percentage on the maps, or if they will just roll through with a safe victory. The plus market can be used if there is a chance the other team at least takes a map.

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