Thoughts On Skin Gambling – 2020 In Review

The skin gambling market is definitely not as before. It’s come a long way, in both a positive and negative way. On one side, shady sites that used to have a huge player-base, with no license or guarantee of their odds, have been pushed out of the market, while new sites that pushes forward provably fair, and bitcoin casino slots are what the people seek today. We’d be lying if we didn’t say it would end up going in this direction.

In 2020 there are some key points that actually happened that pushed the ‘community’ we have today towards a standardized gambling industry, and we’re not sure what to think of it, other than what skin gambling used to be is now being pushed toward what a normal online casino can offer.

– More licensed websites than ever
– Provably Fair games
– Change from skins to a more crypto heavy industry
– Gamble streamers and youtubers hits mainstream

Because of pushbacks from Valve, and trade locks of 7 days, you just don’t have the freedom to cash out, and while there are several pro’s compared to cons, the move itself from Valve, might have pushed quite a few users into losing money and funnelled into heavy addiction, and this is something you can often see casino’s giving some effort in.

Several operators identified the issue from the user’s perspective as it just isn’t viable to operate with just skins alone anymore as trade bots were handed a massive ban, and they swapped over to a P2P system, which in the end just lead to a price inflation on skins in specific price ranges.

As skin gambling gathered long-term fans and gamblers seeking their entertainment, it was only natural to switch over to using crypto as it provides a more anonymous and in general more profit from winnings, as it can be sold for real money, or invested in other things – like skins.

In conclusion to the year 2020, the skin gambling industry is paving the exact road online casino once took. If that’s something to look forward to, that’s up to you.

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