Skinhub has put themselves as the number one case opening site in the market. Skinhub is a website that lets you create and open cases holding physical items, from collectibles, electronics, sneakers or apparel.

They are all about the community, as their current CEO states is all about “Giving back to the community, because the community made you who you are today” and that’s exactly the feel we get when looking at their website and social-media.

When you first enter Skinhub, you’re already directed to the main lobby of the website. Where they have all the featured cases that hold physical items that starts from a normal Pokemon booster pack, up to design apparel worth thousands of dollars.

The best thing is, all the cases are different, so if you don’t want to chase after some cool Yeezy Boost 350’s, you can go for a cool new ROG Asus laptop.

The cases

As said previously, Skinhub has a big community feel. They have cases made by the community, and in fact, anyone can make their own case choosing the items to be in it and release it to the website. If anyone opens your case, you actually get a percentage.

For every person that opens your case, you get 1% of the cost of the case. So you can make some pretty good money.

If you can’t find any community made cases that fit your needs, there are plenty of already made cases featured.

Here are our favorite cases:

Supreme Case – Cost: $145.79
This case holds only items from the fashion brand Supreme. It holds cool merchandise such as Supreme Chopsticks, Supreme Duffle Bag and our favorite, the Supreme Brick.

Covert Knife – Cost: $11.20
This is definitely the case for people who only wants some cool CS:GO skins.

Deposit Methods

Skinhub has a range of good deposit methods
– Credit Card / Debit Card (Visa / Mastercard)
– G2APay
– Gift Cards
– Skrill


The website does not only have cases available. Skinhub also has the ever-so popular game mode Upgrade. With Upgrade, you can select either game currency, or items you got from cases, and upgrade them to something better, with a chance of success or fail.

If we want to upgrade $100 to a brand new Karambit Fade (Factory New), we can do so with a 13.50% chance of success.

Other Features is the website we have seen with the most available languages available, 17 in total to be exact.

English, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Thai, German, Chinese, Hungarian, Polish, Arabic, Japanese, French, Swedish, Norwegian and Ukrainian.

So wherever you are from, there is a high chance Skinhub has your language available on their website!

Skinhub Conclusion

To conclude the review of the Skinhub platform. They have a solid experience to offer for anyone who wants to open some cases to get some cool physical items, or CS:GO skins.

If you haven’t found any cases that offer exactly what you want, with Skinhub you can simply create your own case with everything you need, and this gains a big plus from us.

Don’t forget, to use the code casebet upon registration!

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