Omgdrop is a simple CS:GO case opening site that also supports VGO cases. There isn’t anything special about it but it gives a simplistic feel once you enter the site. It gives you full control over everything and it’s a different design compared to other sites who may put all the content into a cluster.

We had a great time playing on Omgdrop, every process was smooth and it was just a simplistic come-and-go site.

Pros / Cons
  • Simple and easy to understand website
  • Able to deposit using G2A Pay
  • Everyone can become a partner
  • Not many deposit options available
  • The cases are not very special
  • No platform chat

Affiliation / Partner (Bro System)

Omgdrop also offers a pretty good referral system for anyone to take part in. Here is the run down:
Recruit – $0 Deposit – 5% Revenue Share
Private – $100 Deposit – 6% Revenue Share
Corporal – $500 Deposit – 7% Revenue Share
Colonel – $1000 Deposit – 8% Revenue Share
Brigadier – $5000 Deposit – 9% Revenue Share
General – $10,000 Deposit – 10% Revenue Share

There isn’t much more to add to their service. It’s a simple case opening site with no special features. If this is what you’re after, Omgdrop might be for you.

Free $0.50 when you register

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