Mystery Boxes are becoming bigger and bigger nowadays. Not everyone wants to win virtual items, how about you can open a mystery box and get real electronics. This is what Drakemall is all about. You open a mystery box of your choice that can include any kind of goodies such as games, electronics, iphone accessories or even a PC Master Race Box. There are mystery boxes in all shapes sizes and prices.

If this sounds interesting to you, or you want to try your chances of unboxing a brand new PC, this one might be for you.

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Available Payment Methods

Drakemall mystery box has all the payment methods you can want.

– Visa / Mastercard
– Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum)
– Paypal
– Skinpay
– G2A Pay
– Maestro

Mystery Box

In terms of what items you can unbox, they have a wide range available

– General Electronics
– Iphones
– PC Hardware
– Headsets, and general gaming gear

and much more.

VIP Program

Drakemall also offers VIP subscription service, where you pay a flat fee every month and get access to special features and discounted cases. These cases seem to have an even better percentage of winning, so if you plan to spend a decent amount, make sure to take advantage of that, so you can get even more from your spending.


We have a pretty good feeling about this site. The design seem to be really good. The website is user-friendly and they offer all deposit methods you would want. With our exclusive bonus you can try it out and see how you feel about it as well!

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