DaddySkins is a digital case opening platform that went live on the market January 2017, with offerings such as csgo case. DaddySkins was able to secure their player-base by offering high win rate, and always updating the platform with rich new features and a stable operating mode.

They were also one of the first to introduce Provably Fair system. The design of the website is very fresh and simple, no cluster and everything is view able on one screen and they offer all the features you need.



Case Opening
The classic case opening feature. Offers cases with various content. The most popular and relevant one is probably CSGO cases, where you can find cases that goes from $0.29 to $200.

One addition you don’t see many places are games cases, where you can open a case and be rewarded with an actual game. They have categorized everything so you can get a game you will actually like, inclusion of AAA titles. You also have the growing in popularity VGO case, which are virtual skins not attached to any game.

This is the challenger to Datdrop case battles. You first enter a lobby where you will fight versus another player on who will get the highest value skill in a range of cases, where the player with the highest value takes the skins of everyone else. When making a battle or joining them, you can set the player limit to 2, 3 or 4. The more players the more risk. Almost every case available in the classic case opening list is available on arena as well.

If you don’t want to take too much risk by opening cases, or rather take a 49/51 chance on a double or nothing, this one will be for you. You choose the value you want to put in and the risk you want to take.

If you keep skins you get in your on-site inventory, you can take a chance on fusing these to something better.

Simple skin exchange platform, allowing you to put in your skins and directly exchanging them to the one you want.

For every case you open either in the classic one or arena a small percentage of that value is added to the jackpot, and every case opened rolls a number, and if this number lands on 77777 you will receive the jackpot.
The jackpot reward value is different depending on the case, but here is a full list.

Small (for cases with prices ranging between $1 and $4.99)
Medium (for cases with prices ranging between $5 and $24.99)
Large (for cases with prices $25 and higher)

Pros / Cons
  • Allows integration with Bitskins
  • Offers CSGO and VGO cases
  • Also has game cases where you can win games
  • Website in three languages
  • Not easy to find support
  • No on-site chat

Payment Methods

When depositing at DaddySkins, you have all the options you need for both deposit and withdrawal.

– G2A
– Giftcards
– Alipay

In addition, they have now also given you the withdrawal method everyone wants. Whatever skins you get from the cases you open, you can now withdraw them directly into your own steam account!

On top of all this, they offer daily free cases, weekly promo codes and have heaps of giveaways on their social-media accounts.

Our experience using the site has been very positive. It’s easy to use, withdrawals and deposits are fast and easy. If you’re looking for a platform that simply delivers a site you can stay on, this is the one!

Remember to use code casebet to get 7% bonus on every deposit you make.

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