CSGORoll is finally back. Long awaited by many, CSGORoll has now entered into a beta stage, allowing everyone to bet on all their game-modes.

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Back to the review. CSGORoll offers a decent and simple design. All the features you need is located one click away. They even offer some visual differences compared to other sites, which may seem like they are going a bit further than others. What I really do get a feeling of, is that they set out to make a good product people will like. CSGORoll really set the standard high on this one.

CSGORoll Games

Unfortunately nothing special with this one. All the usual games you would expect is there, but hey, if this is something you are looking for, this site is the one for you, plus the cases are very good, they got 39 in total as of right now.

– Roll (Normal Roulette)
– Crash
– Cases (Unboxing)

Payment Methods

CSGORoll really went an extra step when it comes to depot and withdrawal. Anything you need is available, however you can only withdraw your funds in skins.


– VISA and Mastercard
– CSGO Skins
– Dota2 Skins
– Neteller
– Skrill


Unfortunately you can only withdraw your funds into CSGO skins. However, you do have the chance to include third party marketplaces, so if the site has no skins you like, you may opt to choose a skin available on other sites.


We’re very happy to see them back in action. Their product is setting a good standard, it’s fun to play and we love the cases they got going on, the only thing we’re missing is of course the beloved case battles. That would really set them on the map, but you never know, this might come at a later stage. We can’t wait to see what they will do with the site and what new game modes might be introduced.

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