Caserandom sets an example of a classic case opening site. No fuss, straight up CSGO cases like back in the old days. The website design features a overall CSGO theme with skins.

Once you’ve selected a case you get the option to see the drop rates for each weapon in the case, and the spin animation looks solid. Caserandom is definitely a site to go to if you’re just interested in case opening and getting a few daily bonuses.

Pros / Cons
  • Free $0.45 on registration
  • Active community
  • Daily free bonus case
  • Offers case creator feature
  • No on-site chat
  • No support
  • No skin deposit method

Our experience with Caserandom has been excellent so far. they offer a solid tier based reward system if you’d like to invite your friends and is one of the few sites that offers case creator setup which allows you to pick and choose which skin you’d want to list as a drop for the case you create.

Recently they also added over 12 languages to choose from, so wherever you are in the world, you can most likely view the website in your own langauge.

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