Issues with the current skin gambling sites

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There is no surprise that there are several issues going on with the current skin gambling sites for both CSGO skins and VGO skins. It has now gotten to a point in this saturated market that it needs to be regulated to actually reach a stable level.

Here are a few topics we would love to see discussed or see implemented in any sites.

Curacao License / Gambling License

To our surprise, none of these case opening sites or skin gambling sites currently hold any type of gambling license. Most likely due to that requiring several implementations in terms of how they handle data, need to verify every customer due to age restrictions or give users the ability to set limits on their deposits or losses.

But in the midst of all the drama and sites screaming to be 100% legitimate, we haven’t seen anyone actually committing to any license that would prove they want to take the legit approach to the industry. Most likely because of how many changes they would have to make, and of course blocking underage people to play would reduce their revenue by a lot.

Curacao license makes a lot of sense to us here. Sure it’s not as strict as MGA or Isle of Man license, but at least there is some criteria and regulation in place. And the cost is not that high.

Responsible Gaming

To add to all of this, just a moral requirement from all these sites should be to have responsible gaming tools implemented. Sure you can let people play as much as they want, though the biggest issue to add to this is if anyone has an issue with gambling, there are no tools he/she can use to prevent massive losses or further use of the website.

If sites decline the option to get a gambling license, they should at least have the thought of prevent gambling addicts from playing too much. In the end if none of this is done and everyone chases the revenue only with no prevention tools, this industry will be hit hard eventually. Making money is not wrong, but there is a big difference in doing it with good heart that there are tools available, than not doing anything at all.

We would definitely recommend sites to add tools such as:
– Account blocking (To a certain date or indefinitely);
– Max deposit user can make per day/week/month;
– Max loss user can have per day/week/month.

To end on this, perhaps every skin gambling site should also add some helping texts for people who may be addicted. There is help lines and people to talk to if you’re addicted, sites are just not mentioning this.

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