CSGOEmpire Now Has A Gambling License

CSGOEmpire recently announced the addition of a gambling license to their website. With their recent tweets stating this is the way to go forward for skin gambling companies, becoming more legit and having to follow regulations set by license provider, the website would have to act in a proper way.

However, with these tweets saying a lot, is the Curacao gambling license really that good? Let us answer that for you.

What is Curacao Gambling License

For online entities that wants to offer a digital gambling platform, a license is normally required. Either the license itself, is partnered with several countries to allow users to bet in a legitimate way, or it’s just a half-ass thing that doesn’t really matter. In the end, the license from Curacao, is really just a proof, that you have a company that has gambling functionality included.

Curacao gambling license has various requirements that is set forward for the website itself to comply with, however when you look at the map of gambling licenses, Curacao is definitely the worst one on the market.

Curacao license is mostly used by shady online casino’s and money launderers.

What does Curacao license not specify

As with gambling licenses, they should really benefit the player only, making them able to bet in a safe environment, and combat gambling addiction. On display with the license, we don’t really see any of that with Curacao license. As specified on the agreement you sign, it’s up to the website to pay out winnings. Even with the license, it doesn’t mean CSGOEmpire HAS to actually pay out winnings, it’s up to the website, and even if you report them, nothing will actually happen.

To put it in a gambling industry context, the curacao license has no rules. The license itself doesn’t put it as necessary to get customer information, it’s just for AML (Anti Money Laundering) purposes that is put forward in EU. If you look at crypto casino’s, they normally don’t ask for such information.

CSGOEmpire License brings them closer to standard

A few things that were brought forward in tweets from CSGOEmpire was how they are moving to a more industry standard a long with online casinos. This was a bit surprising as the experience offered by CSGOEmpire is no where close to any casino. It just feels like CSGOEmpire has nothing to offer outside a skin deposit/withdrawal method compared to others and that they would literally benefit more from just staying shady.

We will update this article with a bit more information as time goes by, consider this a V0.5 version.

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