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The ECS Season 6 Europe Challenger Cup has reached an end, which means the official season 6 has started. The season will be running from October 3rd to November 8th and features a prize pool of $45,000, and 4 spots to the finals which is to be held November 24th to 25th, we follow the tournament and make predictions of the outcome!

After a short break due to other tournaments being ran, the ECS Season continues! The best thing with all these tournaments being ran at the same time is that we will always have relevant data to use. In today’s matchup we have Mousesports versus G2, and Mousesports is already playing quite a few matches and could go into the match a bit exhausted, but let’s see what kind of results they can pull out.

Mousesports vs G2 | 21:00 & 22:00 – (Match 1 & Match 2)

This is a very interesting matchup, not only because of the two teams involved but on their map choices. Last time this matchup happened was just a few days ago where the same maps were played and ended up with Mousesports winning 16-8 on Inferno and 16-5 on Nuke and just recently we saw G2 parting ways with NBK- and APEX and replaced them with SmithZz and Ex6TenZ which means even though all of these members has actively played together throughout the massive roster changes happening, they will have to get used to the changes in terms of tactics.

NUKE | [1.33] Mousesports vs G2 [3.05]

This is the best map scenario for Mousesports, having played Nuke 8 times the past 3 months with a 62.5% winrate, and already having won versus G2 on Nuke just some days ago, it’s hard to believe the outcome will be different this time. Especially as G2 is sitting at 0% winrate the past 3 months on Nuke.

It’s a safe prediction to say Mousesports will win this one, especially since it’s run online.

INFERNO | [2.80] G2 vs Mousesports [1.38]

Inferno is the go-to map for G2, having played it 12 times the past 3 months with a winrate of 50% recently having won versus teams such as Space Soldiers, Heroic and FaZe, but then lost to Mousesports 8-16.

Mousesports hasn’t had too much success on Inferno the past 3 months, and is currently the map with the lowest winrate of 45.5%.

I predict Mousesports will take this map as well, just due to the fact that G2 has 2 new players in the team, and Mousesports dominating the match the last time they played versus G2. The biggest statistic to take as an indicator if the underdog G2 can make a comeback is if Mousesports does poorly on CT-side as that’s where majority of their rounds are won, while G2 has 55.26% of their rounds won on T-side.

Interesting side market is pistol rounds. G2 is currently sitting on 62.5% of their pistol rounds won while Mousesports has 45.5%.

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