Betting Tips 26-03-2019

What is round handicap? CSGO Betting

Round handicap is the future of CS:GO betting, and it’s not enough utilised. Most esport bettors usually go straight for the match winner market, and doesn’t even bother taking a look at the rest. The handicap market is in my opinion the best option to go for as it usually offers a more risky or […]

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Betting Tips 30-10-2017


If you want more relevant betting tips, head over to The ECS Season 6 Europe Challenger Cup has reached an end, which means the official season 6 has started. The season will be running from October 3rd to November 8th and features a prize pool of $45,000, and 4 spots to the finals which […]

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Betting Tips 07-07-2017

Case ban in Netherlands and Belgium

The era of cases and loot boxes in Netherlands and Belgium is official over. In the latest update to CS:GO, steam brought forward news to players in the Netherlands, where the closed steam trading and steam market functionality would officially be re-enabled, but they would unfortunately no longer be able to open loot cases. The […]

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