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News 05-04-2019

The best EZY cases

The best EZY cases With EZY cases starting to become a force in the case opening industry, it’s fitting for us to give you some ideas on the best cases they have. Don’t forget they currently have a 15% deposit bonus so you can try all the cases listed here! CS:GO Cases Kill Confirmed – […]

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News 28-03-2019

List of CSGO Scam Sites 2020

Beware of csgo scam sites. There are a lot of them out there trying to lure you in by acting as a legit case opening site, but in fact is fraudulent. It’s also very hard to see if it’s an actual site, or just a site trying to get your money or skins. We’ve put […]

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ezy cases
News 27-03-2019

Issues with the current skin gambling sites

There is no surprise that there are several issues going on with the current skin gambling sites for both CSGO skins and VGO skins. It has now gotten to a point in this saturated market that it needs to be regulated to actually reach a stable level. Here are a few topics we would love […]

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Betting Tips 26-03-2019

What is round handicap? CSGO Betting

Round handicap is the future of CS:GO betting, and it’s not enough utilised. Most esport bettors usually go straight for the match winner market, and doesn’t even bother taking a look at the rest. The handicap market is in my opinion the best option to go for as it usually offers a more risky or […]

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Betting Tips 30-10-2017


If you want more relevant betting tips, head over to The ECS Season 6 Europe Challenger Cup has reached an end, which means the official season 6 has started. The season will be running from October 3rd to November 8th and features a prize pool of $45,000, and 4 spots to the finals which […]

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Betting Tips 07-07-2017

Case ban in Netherlands and Belgium

The era of cases and loot boxes in Netherlands and Belgium is official over. In the latest update to CS:GO, steam brought forward news to players in the Netherlands, where the closed steam trading and steam market functionality would officially be re-enabled, but they would unfortunately no longer be able to open loot cases. The […]

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