Case Betting & Skin Gambling – The Future

Case betting and skin gambling saw a short comeback not too long ago with several operators opening new sites, or made a comeback. Even though there are so many sites competing with each other, we haven’t really seen much updates happen, or seen any sites take a leap to really change how we look at it.

The first one to make this jump was Datdrop, with their Case Battles. We even saw CSGOEmpire take a step into esport betting.

These are major leaps into making something others has not before, but it’s really been standing still for a while now, and we really want to see someone else make a change. In reality when these skin gamblers notice, they move over to another platform that offers more.

Here are some things that we think can be improved:

More games

In reality, these sites only has a few modes or cases that is not something out of the ordinary. The closest part to this industry we can look at is really online casinos. Looking at that, there isn’t really anything stopping these sites from making their own slot machines, or even implement the likes you see in a normal online casino. We have seen some sites having the slot option, but that stuff is really outdated.
In this area, we just feel like the sites are lacking.

Entering Live Casino

One of the few things with the current roulette setup is really that it’s straight up boring, and it can’t really be different in any way, plus, just seeing the roulette on the site, makes it hard for anyone to know if it’s a legit rate or not.

One of the few proven things we can take from the online gambling industry is that eventually, the masses moved over to live casino, in the likes that an actual dealer would be taking the games, through a broadcast feed, where people would bet as on a normal roulette.

The best thing is, it doesn’t really take that much effort, or resources to make happen.

Central skin value bank

One of the few issues we have had, is when at the point where you want to withdraw your winnings, the website will value a skin at a higher rate than it actually goes for. This is for marginal reasons to protect the website itself, however as with all conversion rates today, for example when you give a user euro instead of USD on Paypal, there is a central entity that gives them the actual rate at the time. It’s really the time to make that happen, as you could be losing insane margins, and no one should have to research skin prices comparisons.


At the going rate, as CSGOEmpire says “Skin gambling is back” it’s rather the opposite, if no one sees change and improvement, there is an argument to make that skin gambling is dying.

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