Case Battle Sites

Case Battle Sites

Arena, or case battles. This feature go by many names, however there is no doubt that it’s a mode that is raising in popularity right now. From VGO sites focusing on this function, or case opening sites making this mode happen, it’s an insane revenue driver for these sites and it’s no doubt a lot more fun than just normal cases.

One of the sites who recently introduced Arenas, DaddySkins has put their focus into making the experience safe and entertaining. If you haven’t tested their take on Case Battles, definitely head there and give it a test. Don’t forget to use code casebet on deposit, to get a 7% bonus.


What Is Case Battles?

Case Battle / Arena is when a player battles another player in a series of case openings (PvP), where the player who received the highest total value of the series of cases wins the entire pot, with the value the losing
player had. This means you open cases with a 50/50 chance of winning more. This can either increase the amount of winnings you get, or of course decrease the chance.

The thrill of having a close battle, where the last case is the decider, or just getting a good item, where you know you will most likely win is what makes thise mode fun for everyone. It also gives you the opportunity to win
some money versus your friends!


Which Case Battle Sites are best?

As we review every website on the market on a professional level. We believe the experience should be whole. Sure you want Arena, but having other features available is also very important.
Here are the 2 websites we believe are best for case battles.

5 Stars – DaddySkins
4 Stars – DatDrop

DaddySkins simply offers an experience with everything included, included a much better payment option with both deposit and withdrawal.

It’s hard to find the right case battle sites, but no worries we have reviewed DaddySkins, so take a look at our full review here: DaddySkins Review

If you want to play straight away, head to Daddyskins here

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Easy-to-use case opening site that offers loads of features!

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